The 'Eendracht'

Jeronimus van Diest, The ‘Eendracht’, oil on canvas, 1042 x 1656 mm, dated mid 17th century.National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Caird Collection


A portrait of the ship ‘Eendracht’ shown in the foreground to the left, flying the Dutch flag, with a crest on her stern, and firing a salute. A Dutch ship lies broadside at anchor to the left of the picture, and to the right is a cargo coastal vessel. In the foreground to the right, a small craft rows towards it, the sailor standing up in it gestures to a sailor on the coastal vessel. The ‘Eendracht’, 76 guns, was blown up at the Battle of Lowestoft on 3 June 1665, killing her Admiral, Obdam, and all but five of her crew. The painting has been signed by the artist who spent his working life in the Hague.

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