Portrait of the ‘Eendracht’

Willem van de Velde, Portrait of the ‘Eendracht’, graphite; ink; paper, 364 x 780 mm, dated ca. 1665. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


A portrait of the ‘Eendracht’ viewed from before the port beam. The drawing is inscribed in grey ink in the upper right, ‘d eendraght genamt, gemaekt t Rotterdam’ (Called the ‘Eendracht’, built at Rotterdam), and in brown ink in the lower left, ‘… eendraght genamt en gevoort Anno 1665 bij d Hr van Opdam als adr van Hollant’ (Called the ‘Eendracht’ and commanded in the year 1665 by Heer van Obdam as admiral of Holland). The drawing is signed in brown ink ‘W.V.V.J’. The ‘Eendracht’, 70-guns, was built in 1653 and blown up at the battle of Lowestoft in 1665 when van Obdamwas killed.

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