Historical Decoration of Captured Royal Charles

Prince Willem-Alexander sailing today along with a test of the Holland patrol ship for the Royal Navy. The prince is in Amsterdam on board and sail them to Greenwich, near London.
The Holland has a special meaning in itself: the historical decoration of the stern of the 17th century English flagship Royal Charles. That will start tomorrow in the presence of the prince, be presented to the National Maritime Museum.
Michiel de Ruyter
The Royal Charles in 1667 by Admiral Michiel de Ruyter captured during a surprise attack on the British fleet on the Thames. This attack is known as the Journey to Chatham.
The so-called mirror decoration of the Royal Charles is from the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The loan is the Rijksmuseum meet the request of the British National Maritime Museum.
The historic piece is part of the anniversary exhibition “Thames, The Royal River,” which is held to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.
The Holland is part of a series of four patrol boats that are still in the pilot proceeded to sea. The four vessels will after placing a contribution to the international law enforcement and security.
They can be used for anti-piracy missions, counter drug operations and coastguard duties in the Netherlands and the Caribbean.
Prince Willem-Alexander has the rank of Commander of the Royal Navy Reserve


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